Nailed it

Posted on Thursday, August 8th, 2013 at 12:10 pm.

Hi Girlz,

Have you girlz checked out our nail polishes? They change color! Yes, they change from inside light to outside light! Two colors in one nail polish? Need i say more? These are a must have!

Birdie Nail Polish – Goes from Yellow to Orange!

Mystic Nail Polish – Pink to Purple !

Check out the rest of our nail polishes on our Beauty section! :)


Awesome Nail Art Designs

Posted on Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 at 4:50 pm.

Nail art is super hot right now, and there is no end to the possibilities! I have a huge collection of really cool nail art that I’ve seen while browsing through Pinterest, and thought you might enjoy these:

Pixel Nail Art – how cute is this? Not sure how difficult it would be to recreate, but I think it’s charming. Credit:

Mouth Nails – also from the same website! This one’s really cute.

Patchwork Nail Art – this one is so pretty and colorful. Seems easy to do, as well! Credit:

Gray Flower Nails – these are very feminine and pretty! Credit:

Newspaper Nail Art – these nails are perfect for book lovers! Credit:

Peacock Nails - these are one of my favorites! How beautiful! Credit:

Sugar Skull Nail Art - also from the same website. This is a work of art! Wear these nails with your Girlz Lyfe sugar skull accessories! ;-)

Lemon Nails – this is elegance meets backyard margaritas. Love it! Credit:

Hello Kitty Nails – I know we have some Hello Kitty fans around here! What do you think of these? Credit:

Patriotic Nails – these are from the same site and oh, so beautiful!

Pink Bling Nails - these are really cute, and very feminine, I think! Credit:

Metallic Nail Art – love these! They look so…80’s. Credit:

Colorful Animal Print Nails – *gasp! These are so pretty and fun! Credit:

Watermelon Nails - perfect for summer; so colorful and pretty. Credit:

Which one is your favorite?