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Affordable, Expressive Jewelry At Girlz Lyfe

Posted on Thursday, September 23rd, 2010 at 4:47 am.

Fashion jewelry is in every store, in every mall you walk in to. The difference with Girlz Lyfe jewelry is that they carry unique, fun, hard to find jewelry, ready to be yours with a push of a button. Girlz Lyfe has something for everyone. Romantic to comical jewelry, that is affordable. You can’t beat that. To veiw all the amazing products Girlz Lyfe has to offer, visit www.girlzlyfe.com.


Glee Season 2: Back with a Bang

Posted on Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010 at 1:50 pm.

We all remember how last season ended. New Directions worked their butts off and then ended up taking third in regionals, Quinn Fabray (Diana Argon) gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who was adopted by Rachel’s (Lea Michele) biological mother, and various romances within the glee club were either blossoming or dying out. Last night, the ‘Auditions’ episode picked back up where we left off…

Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison) assumes that because of placing in regionals, the glee club will be turning away applicants. However, he and the students quickly realize they’re just as unimportant as ever.  In fact, the school blogger begins the show by interviewing the members on their exact level of ‘loser.’ So, with the glee club needing at least one new member to be able to compete in nationals (held in New York this year), the team sets out to recruit.

Unfortunately, their enthusiastic rendition of Empire State of Mind in the school courtyard only turns a few heads. One is Sam, a hunky jock, and the other is Sunshine, a tiny girl with pigtails and glasses. Finn (Cory Monteith) hears Sam singing in the locker room and is impressed, while Rachel hears Sunshine sing in the bathroom and immediately feels threatened. Instead of sending Sunshine to the real audition, she sends her to a crackhouse.

In the meantime, budgets are being cut for both the glee club and the cheerios, to accommodate a new football coach – Shannon Biest (Dot Jones), and Sue (Jane Lynch) is more than a little miffed. She convinces Mr. Schuester to help her sabotage the new coach. When Artie (Kevin McHale) decides he wants to try out for the football team in order to try and win back Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz), Coach Biest becomes upset at Finn’s involvement and cuts him from the team. Sam witnesses this event, and refuses to try out for glee club.

In summary, Finn is now just a ‘regular guy’ with no clout in the school, Will realizes quickly that being mean to Coach Biest isn’t his style, and the glee kids are still getting slushies. One of the high points in the show was when Sunshine (Charice Pempengco) actually does make it to the glee club audition. She’s a short, petite girl, but when she opens her mouth, a powerful voice emerges. She’s absolutely amazing, and was a fantastic audition to the first show.

Other Interesting Happenings:

Quinn tries out for the cheerios now that she has her old body back, and entices Sue to let her join by offering to help her (Sue) get her confetti canons back (these were cut in the budget cut). She replaces Santana, who has a massive fit and attacks Quinn in the hall. The two spat and are broken up by Mr. Schuester.

Artie and Tina are no longer dating, but Tina and Mike seem to have a thing going. Quinn and Puck aren’t together either, but Rachel and Finn are. We didn’t get to see Emma (Jayma Mays) this episode, so I’m looking forward to her next appearance. All together, I think it was a fantastic premiere, and realized precisely why I’d missed the show so badly!

Check Out These Great New Products!

Posted on Tuesday, September 21st, 2010 at 5:31 pm.

Here at Girlz Lyfe, we’re always getting new products that we think you’re going to love. There are some real gems in today’s batch, so sit back and enjoy!

Bird Cage Necklace$26

Brunettes Are Sweeter T-shirt$19.99

Kitty Hoodie$52.99

Hello Kitty with Rainbow Lunchbox$14

Sleeping Bear Shoulder Bag$18.99

Cat Butts Coin Purse$6.50

Kitty Tote Bag$14

Bacon Wallet$18

Bacon Bandages$9

YumBots – Robot Cupcake Molds$26.99

Oh Snap! Cheese Set$26.99

Wine Monkey$15.99

Sushi Earbuds - $15


National ‘Turn Off Your TV’ Week

Posted on Friday, September 17th, 2010 at 3:52 pm.

September 19th through September 25th

*Gasp* Is there really such a thing? Yes! Check out more about it here. The whole idea is to cut down on time spent in front of the plasma and increase more important things – like quality time and time spent outdoors. Now, I know what you’re thinking. What am I going to do for a whole week without television? That’s why Girlz Lyfe has you covered – gather up the kiddies and check out the television alternatives below.

Play with Your Food

Tell your kids it’s fine to play with your food during National Turn Off Your TV Week. While you’re staring longingly at the remote and wondering what Sookie’s up to on True Blood, you can make fangs on your Food Face Dinner Plate with mashed potatoes.

Well, okay, you might not enjoy this too much but the kids will love it. In fact, it may keep them occupied long enough for you to sneak in the other room and get a quick fix of Glee.

Bake Cookies

Show the kids how to create homemade cookies just like I do. (Instructions: Slice 1/4 inch circles from the tube of cookie dough and place on a baking sheet @ 350 for 15 min). What? If they’re made AT HOME, then they’re homemade.

To keep your husband from griping about not being able to play Fallout or Call of Duty, let him use your Pac Man Hothead Oven mitt to take those bad babies out of the oven.  If he gives you that evil look when you suggest it, simply remind him that you’re standing in the kitchen, in close proximity to all the knives you own.

Needle Craft

Since you’re already going through the Jersey Shore detox, it might be time to face those fears that Snooki has put into the heart of all of us. Gather up all of your daughter’s skirts and sew three more inches of fabric onto the bottom with your Buzzing Bee Sewing Kit. While you’re at it, patch up all of those holy jeans. Good, clean, wholesome family fun.

Write Letters to Everyone You Know

When you’re running out of ideas to pass the week, get out your Owl Stationery and draft letters to your whole family and all of your friends. If you can’t think of anything to say, predict what happened on your favorite shows this week…

You know, I’m starting to wonder who came up with this National Turn Off Your TV Week anyway. In any case, you can still have a ton of fun with the items above! Will any of you be participating and unplugging the TV for the week? Leave your comments below.

Posted By: Samantha

Michael Grimm Wins America’s Got Talent

Posted on Thursday, September 16th, 2010 at 6:52 am.

Waveland, Mississippi native Michael Grimm won our hearts before he ever opened his mouth to sing. With piercing dark eyes, a soulful style, and a low and polite voice, Michael is the kind of stuff novel hunks are made of. Under all of that, though, he’s a simple country boy with a dream.

“When I was younger, my sister and I were very poor,” he says in one of his first interviews for the show, “on welfare, and it wasn’t very good living conditions for us. And so they were going to take us and put us in a home, but my grandmother stopped that. She lives now in a little trailer up in Picayune, Mississippi, and she wants to get out of there.”

Michael becomes emotional, tears escaping. “What little money I make, I give to them, and I try to help them. I’d love to get them in a situation where they don’t have to worry anymore.” When Michael walked out on stage with his guitar, the audience might not have been expecting much. When his mouth opened and that sultry, soulful voice came out, they were hooked. He received a standing ovation.

Tonight, Grimm beat out Jackie Evancho to win the competition. Unfortunately, there’s a bit of a backlash from fans who find it difficult to believe that Jackie didn’t take the prize. There is no doubt this girl is incredibly talented, and I don’t think fans have to worry because she has a stunningly bright future ahead of her. To have made it that far is amazing, so congratulations to Jackie!

The bigger congrats has to go to Michael, though. He will finally be able to give his grandmother a new home, and take care of her in the way he’s always wanted to. I, for one, am proud of this southern boy, with his ‘yes ma’am’ and ‘no ma’am,’ his devotion to his family, and his unwillingness to give up on his dream. Way to go, Michael.

By Samantha

iPad Winner

Posted on Monday, September 13th, 2010 at 7:19 pm.

We want to sincerely thank everyone who entered our iPad giveaway contest. There were nearly 6,000 entries! We’re glad to have those of you that signed up as well, and hope you’ll continue to be part of the Girlz Lyfe family. That said, it’s time to announce the winner of the iPad contest. And the winner is…

Drumroll, please…

Oh wait. Did you guys watch the VMAs? What was your favorite part? We’ll post ours this week. Ok, seriously, back to the winner.

The owner of a brand new iPad is…

Lady Gaga took a LOT of awards. Sorry.

Chosen randomly from more than 5,000 entries…

Oh and Taylor Swift actually forgave Kanye? OH ALL RIGHT…I’ll shut up.

The winner of the iPad is Lisa Keeney from Avon, CT.

Congratulations! Congratulations, Lisa! We’ll be sending you an email shortly with details so you can claim your prize. The rest of you, please stay tuned for amazing deals and specials – and the surprise contest here and there. Thank you to everyone again for entering.

My Love For Bangles- Girlz Lyfe

Posted on Sunday, September 12th, 2010 at 5:00 am.

I recently have a new love in fashion jewelry. Bangles, bracelets, and more bangles. I just can’t get enough of the sparkle. At Girlz Lyfe, they keep up with the trends and styles that quickly come and go. Best of all they just got in some beautiful bangles and bracelets. Check them out at www.girlzlyfe.com, and become a addict to this store like I have!


Check Out These New Items Available at Girlz Lyfe Now!

Posted on Saturday, September 11th, 2010 at 12:07 am.

Think you’ve seen it all? Check out these new items Girlz Lyfe has just acquired for your shopping pleasure…

RAR! Monster Kids Toddler Hoodie$36.99

Can I Keep It? Kids Toddler Hoodie - $36.99

RAR! Monster Adult Hoodie$52.00

Because I am Awesome Adult Hoodie$52.00

Fall Feather Hoodie - $52.00

Fall Feather Scarf - $26.00

Owl Hoodie$52.00

DIY Paintable Cupcake$10.99

Mr. Happy Corn Plushie$22.99

Miss Cupcake$14.99

Endearing Sewing Kit - $16.00

Hello Kitty Western Wallet - $32.99

Cacti Sewing Kit$16.00

Hello Kitty UK Denim Wallet$32.99

Quiet Storm Necklace$20.00

Let us know which new product is your favorite!

Posted by: Samantha

New Products from Girlz Lyfe + iPad Contest Announcement

Posted on Friday, September 10th, 2010 at 2:43 am.

If you LOVE seeing the new arrivals, you’re in for a treat. Check out the cute items we’ve just received…and get your ‘order’ finger ready!

7 Day PlannerPerfect for keeping track of your days! $14.00

Vintage Bat Necklace - Show your love of the dark and odd! $18.00

Hello Kitty White Fleece Hobo Bag - This adorable bag can carry your essentials and add some serious style to your day! $56.99

Zad Barn Owl NecklaceThis little guy is majestic and adorable! $19.99

Zad Ornate Bangle BraceletsThese beautiful bangles will go perfect with any outfit! $18.99

Zad Owl Rhinestone NecklaceThis owl is charming and has that vintage feel. $24.00

You Have My Heart Plushie - Give your special someone your heart! $22.00

Which one of these new arrivals is your favorite?

UPDATE on iPad Contest:

Thanks for all of you who have entered. The winner will be announced very soon, so keep your eyes peeled and your fingers crossed. We’re pleased to have each one of you who have joined the Girlz Lyfe website and who have connected with us on Facebook.

Geeky Gifts from Girlz Lyfe

Posted on Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 at 10:37 pm.

Try saying THAT 5 times fast! Do you have a geek that you particularly adore? You know, someone who could draw you a picture in HTML, take your computer apart and reassemble it in a few minutes, tell you all about the most collectible Star Wars toys…etc. Ah, we love them don’t we? But they’re particularly hard to shop for, because as connoisseurs of all things tech-related, electronic, and geeky – they have an appreciation for certain kinds of items. That’s okay – we have you covered.

Metallic iPod Block Speakers

Now, your loved one will jump for joy as they pop their iPod down on these speakers to fully appreciate the theme to Final Fantasy or Fallout. You can choose what color you’d like as well; pink, red, yellow, blue or green! Price – $25

Robot USB Flash Drive

Your lovable geek can back up all of their data with this adorable robot USB flash drive. With 2GB of storage available, this flash drive will hold quite a bit and looks super-cute on a desk top. Price – $29.99

Hello Kitty I Love Nerds iPhone Case

How cute is this? Show your nerd-love with Hello Kitty and this adorable iPhone case. Check out the adorable plaid bow and tape-fixed glasses! Too cute. Price – $30.00

Hello Kitty I Love Nerds Scarf

Another adorable Hello Kitty item. This time, Hello Kitty will keep your loved one warm during those cool fall and winter months. Red and white stripes make this scarf look particularly festive! Price – $26.99

Ice Invaders Ice Tray

There is nothing like reliving the days when you were so excited to play the Atari and shoot up some 2-dimensional aliens. Your geeky friends will adore this ice try, which creates those same kinds of aliens for cooling drinks! Price – $9.99

Robo Key Caps

Another adorable robot item, these key caps can help you or your friends keep track of which key goes to what. Super-cute and available in an assortment of styles and colors. Price – $8.00

So, there you have it – a ton of adorable geeky items that are perfect for gifts or for yourself!

By: Samantha

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