A Guide To Trendy Jewelry

Posted on Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 at 2:23 am.

Today’s teen girls are vibrant and full of life, and their jewelry is a direct reflection of who they are. Fashion trends change from year to year, what was last year’s must have accessory is this year’s ho hum stocking stuffer. It’s due time parents do their homework to see what jewelry their daughters want to see under the Christmas tree.In fact, we’ll be so kind as to help you out.

Charm bracelets and necklaces are the rage for girls this year. Just take a look at this very cute Handmade Sushi Bracelet. Not only will it be worn everyday and look great, it will also serve as an idea for the next family dinner outing. This Cookies and Milk bracelet just oozes with awesomeness. It also serves as a reminder to do your duty and don’t forget to leave Santa a treat for all his efforts.

Leather just never seems to go out of style. It is again all the rage in style, but not in the sense you might be familiar with. Leather wraps are hot this season, especially when paired with either a watch or charm. This Black Leather Wrap Watch will look good and serves as a reminder of what time to be home for dinner.

These are just a few examples of the trendy jewelry we carry. Visit our website to see all that we have to offer.

Girl’s Fashion Accessories to Complete Your Ensemble

Posted on Friday, December 6th, 2013 at 2:30 pm.

You received a ton of way cool gifts for Christmas including a couple of pair of jeans and some awesome tops. The only things you need now are a couple of girl’s fashion accessories to complete your ensemble. After all, you do want to start this year looking as good as possible.

It’s the dead of winter and you need something to keep your head warm on these bitter cold days. You can opt to head over to the nearest retail store and buy some dull, practical hat that would certainly keep your head warm, but you would look simply hideous wearing it. We have a solution for that problem, check out this DeLux Logan Pilot Hat and just imagine how you will look with this adorning your head. This lovely hat combines the practicality of added warmth in the cold and it looks great on everybody. In the past, you have worn scarves to keep your neck from freezing during the harsh winters. We think it is due time you try something new. This handmade Comfy Neck Warmer is the perfect winter accessory and should be a part of every girl’s wardrobe. This neck warmer is 23 inches long and is made from a super soft blend of cotton and wool. It is easy to wear and looks fantastic, plus it will keep you warm. It is available in seven different colors.

Take a moment or two to browse all the accessories we have available, you will indeed find something just for you.